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A Slice of Aptitude
About Aptitude: Aptitude is a Hardcore Progression Raiding Guild in the making, made up of a laid-back, older group of people. Aptitude was reformed by Solarlight, in March of 2014. Since March, we've been recruiting for the upcoming raid releases & have made numerous additions to our raiding family, and hope to make many more. When choosing the name Aptitude, Solarlight, wanted to find something that stood out. One word that would define what the guild is about and who we all were, thus the name Aptitude came to be, which means, "a natural ability to do something." Our natural ability to raid.

At The Moment: Aptitude is preparing for the realease of Blackrock Foundry, and doing the last of recruiting for the core group to fill the spots we have left. Aptitude plans to and will be progressing Heroic and the new Mythic Difficulty content on a weekly basis.

About the GM's: Solarlight  has been in many hardcore raiding guilds, and has made numerous progression kills, on both normal and heroic difficulties. Now he is stepping it up a notch. Not only by having a new Mythic difficulty added to WoW, but by taking control into his own hands and forming a hardcore raiding guild. Hes taken leadership and plans to fufill the roll he's taken on. 

Aptitude is a Mature Guild, and WILL NOT tolerate inactivity, trolling, bad tempers, downing of other guild members, or the inability to be on time for raids, as well as not showing up for raids weekly. That being said, we're not going to be a nazi about things that require real life attention. Everyone should know to take WoW into moderation, and that real life situatuions come before WoW. 
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