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re: Closer Than Family


        In the raiding scene, in the highest room, of the tallest tower... Raiding becomes a monster that only a small handful of people in this world can tame.  It is a 14 hour grind on Tuesday, a short nap, and the same thing again Wednesday through Monday. You expend every last bit of patience and energy that you have, racing your faction, realm, country, and the entire world.


        For our guild, it seems we have a really good chance of making amazing things happen.  I wanted to put everyone at ease in the best way possible about the hectic changes, and the messiest raid week yet.  


        The truth is that in the infancy of Aptitude, and even before it had a name, we wanted to finally claim our piece of the stigma that MMOs is going to unleash on the world in the coming years.  This is still the goal and that will never change.  Keep your hearts and minds strong for we have only just begun.

"For you, my friends."

        Before i give you my insight, allow me to apologize to each of you for my dissonant aggression in cutting a member from the family.  It must be known that it was never my intention of rupturing the bonds that keep us whole as a team.  Regardless, i know i have, and i've heard everyone, and agree.  As it stands, the elected decision will stand, but it is 100% not for personal reasons.  And this is where it gets tricky.

"The Big Naughty"

        I have never truly been a raid leader before.  I have been assistant to many degrees, i have been close friends with many raid leads and emotionally attached to every raid group i have ever been in.  However, they were each of them a fully composed group, with a history. This is the first sentiment i forgot to employ.  From day one i had been raiding with each of you for years in a manner of speaking.  My level of comfort allowed me to cut an important process, drastically short for the sake of improvement.  All of this, without an explanation and a raid night brought to an abrupt end.  And that is a move that while it was meant to be executed for purpose of good, lashed the raid with disrespect and lack of leadership.  Forgive me for leaving you all in the dark.

        The most complicated part of this endeavor, which ultimately lead to my confusion and disarray, was that this a "Hardcore Progression" move meant to be implimented in the event of a race for world/server rank in order to break the barrier between speed, and gear.  This, usually exicuted with a full raid group, and someone to fill that place.  

"Lets put it all back together, together"

        We don't have any chance of failing.  Tonight, and in the future, this raid should be admired by everyone.  You can all put faith in me learning from my mistakes, and i hope everyone has the oppertunity for insight that this has brought me.  And it was you, the team, who helped me notice these things.  Lets keep a steady pace and a great place to be.  It is our raiding home, and our family name that drives us now. ;)


 Raiding the hardest content will reward us, i promise. 

The Dictator

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re: Closer Than Family


You will always have my respect. I can not stress this enough. Raider Leader or not, you are an amazing player. An amazing leader, and friend. What you've written is well put, as always. 

Including the song. 

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