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Do you agree to abide by the ethics stated?
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re: The 'A' Book



It must be a good feeling to have finally found your home, that being with Aptitude. It's a pleasure to have you, as we don't just recruit anyone. You had to have been shining like a star when we'd come across you, & for that alone I'd like to thank you for your superb performance & joining us as we shine our own way to the top.  

"We all know Aptitude is a Progression Raiding Guild. We all know that progression, synergy, and good times are what make guilds like ours successful. However, at the end of the day the most important thing is enjoying the raid environment and raid content."

As it stands, and as it always will be, this guild was founded on the sole purpose of becoming a hardcore progression raiding guild. Our goals are to reach the top, with the help of a family, a team, a raid group or whatever you may call it. We want our name to shine like some of our fellow guilds in the top rankings, not only in the US, but worldwide. In order to do that we must set what many people would call a code of ethics, guidelines, or simply rules to be followed and understood. 

IMPORTANT: These Code of Ethics are subject to change at ANY TIME, with little to or ANY advanced notice, a discussion will be made between the GM, and the Advisers before a final decision is made.** 



{Raiding Days and Times} - Aptitude currently raids in the evenings 3 days a week. Currently 2/3 of those days are mandatory & required to be apart of our core roster. Our current raid days & starting times are as followed; [Tuesday at 7:00-11PM, Thursday at 7:00-11PM, and Monday at 7:00-11PM] All times are {Central Standard Time Zone} Our raid usually ends after about 5-6 hours give or take the constant mechanics we'll be facing. Raid will be called when consensus or we aren't making any progress at all. Our core roster consists of our Top 20 raiders who'll be dedicating an extensive amount of time on most if not all of our Mythic progression as a guild. Our heroic roster consists of those who can't always make raid days or raid times, fill ins for absent core raiders, or those trying to secure an open spot on the core roster.  

IMPORTANT:[ALL days AND times are subject to change at any given time.]** 

*[In the event that any raid day should fall on a holiday, the next raid day is MANDATORY, or we will raid the following week, depending on schedules and holidays].* 

{Raid Attendance} - Aptitude uses the in-game calendar, as well as the website calendar to post a detailed schedule of events for our raiders. We also have Ventrilo, and of course the use of in-game mail. Our raid events are posted on the in-game calender at the beginning of end of each month for the following month of raiding. You should either be ACCEPTING or putting TENTATIVE for all of these events (With giving your officials a notice of why you'll be tentative or can not attend.) With that being said, there are multiple ways to give notice of a raid absence to either your GM, Advisers or appointed officers. Consecutive failure to give any notice of absence or tardiness, may possibly result in demotion from the raid team. Furthermore continued absence and tardiness will result in removal from Aptitude's Core Roster altogether. No one should have to wait on you to start raiding, you should be on and ready during the scheduled time, so that we can be pulling the boss within the first 30 minutes of the start of the raid.

This goes along with Raid Attendance. There is a 0 tolerance for anyone who "Rage Logs" and anyone that does not give notice to any ranking official if needing to leave early. It only takes a portion of a second to let someone of rank know that you're not feeling well, or that something has come up in real life and you must go. If it is a sensitive matter say so privately. We don't want your fellow raiders to look at it as rage logging, we all have an outside life, a real one that we must tend too. Aptitude isn't here to take yours away. We'd just like notice to be given to ensure your raiders don't think you bailed on them and in another case, just got loot and logged off, even though you didn't need too.

{Raid Strategy} - There will always be health curves, damage curves, and healing curves. Everyone's input is helpful and considered, especially on fights we're having trouble with. Our Raid Adviser is always going to be on top of the strategy, and mechanics. Nonetheless it is solely your job to know what mechanics apply to your role. It helps us prosper to have people vocalizing new ways to improve the strategy that we're using. We wont be too worried about raiders dying to, or standing in fire. Should someone be having trouble with mechanics or any kind of curves, rather than pointing or calling them out in raid, whisper someone of rank, and the situation will be assessed, talked about, a solution found and we will continue our conquering.   

{Raid Awareness} - No where in these ethics is it be stated that talking, fucking around or simply telling someone "you shit on them that fight in damage," on vent prohibited. It is encouraged, as well as competitiveness. We are all here to have fun and get loot. We are a team, a family, so get to know your fellow raiders, you'll be beside them, week after week, attempt after attempt, and boss after boss. Now should this become a problem and no one is able to hear a call out during raid, and continuous mistakes are made, your officers have the right to shush or clear vent and minimize all talking going on. Should it become an excessive problem, vent will be cleared until the fight is over, or even until the raid is called. 


*(Master looter will always be the loot system, until everyone is geared completely.)* 

-Main Spec > Off Spec > GB Bank Shards/Gold- 

We are not here to give gear away, nor are we here to take it away. It is earned by showing up for raids, being on time, coming prepared, and last but not least being focused on what is ahead and our goals for that night. I'm not asking you to pass on any loot at all. I'm more or less asking everyone to consider their fellow raiders, your Best In Slot pieces, and the gear of the raid, as opposed to the gear of yourself. You can not expect to progress if you're the only person walking around in gear. I'm asking for as little selfishness as possible. What you can Use, what you Need, and what you Greed are different things. 

{Rolling On Items} - When a piece of loot drops, it is first linked for Main Spec & 10-15 seconds is given to ensure everyone has a chance to roll and all rolls are in. After the allotted time is up, it will be awarded to whomever rolled the highest out of 1-100. Should no winner be chosen the item will then be passed to Off Spec, should the item not be rolled on it will be deposited into the bank in either loot, gold, or shard form. 

{Rolling on Multiple Items} - When a person receives loot from a previous boss, they will no longer have priority on the next piece they roll on. Instead should a person roll lower than they do, they will both be inspected, and the GM, Advisers and Officers will decide whether the piece will be better upgrade; stat priority and item level wise for whomever is rolling. If someone rolls higher than they do, that person is to receive the loot.  

{Rolling on BoE Items} - Should a bind on equip item drop, it will be rolled for the same as a boss loot item would be. The highest roll will win. Whomever wins said BoE drop, is required to equip it right away. 

{Tie Breakers} - Very simple, if a person that rolls for loot, rolls higher than those that were tied, he will win the loot. Should two or more people tie, a re-roll will be taken and the highest roller will win. 

{Mounts, Pets & Misc.} - Should a mount, pet or other miscellaneous item drop. It will be fairly and properly rolled for. Whomever has the highest roll, will win the item.  

IMPORTANT: [Should any loot discrepancies occur, they will be handled &discussed by the GM or Advisers.]* 

[The Ranks of This Hierarchy] 

The Dictator - I am your GM, the one person that will help you when you truly need it. I will be there for you when you feel as if you've got no where else to turn about a discrepancy or any other matter pertaining to the status and well being of Aptitude and it's raiders, as well as your raiding status itself. I am here not only to aid to your needs, but to help better myself, in every aspect and form of learning, and listening. It is because of you, I continue to have the strength to keep everything formal and professional in order to help us succeed in our goal at becoming the best. I can not rise to the top without my Hierarchy behind me. Without all of you, our empire would fall.

Adviser - These officials are the ones that you should come to before consulting The Dictator, should you feel an officer has not handled a matter properly, correctly, or respectfully. On the opposite note officers also have the right to come to an Adviser for help with any matter, whether it be personal or raid related. They are also willing to bend their backs in order to help any raid member, or just any plain guild member. They are the soul of our raid, they, along with their fellow officers are some of the founding members of Aptitude.

Officer - Your commanding officers. They are the veterans that have proved their worth in every aspect of raiding, personal, private and professional conduct. They have been around since almost the beginning. They have made raid calls, and handled themselves in a proper and responsible manner. They have modified raid strategy in order to help the raid progress and prosper. They want nothing but the best for the raid. They have never given up. For the time being you have a commanding officer for every role. Tank, Damage, and healing. Please utilize their presence and do not take their words lightly.

Core Raiders - You've made it, you are a raider in aptitude's core progression group. You are the bread and butter of what makes up what we do here, you have an undying passion to raid the hardest content. You've put in countless hours of progression as a raider with us, in hopes that one day you could have a core raiding spot. You have always come prepared and we expect nothing less now that you are a core member of this progression team. You are respectful and present yourself in a proper manner. It is because of that you were chosen to join some of the few that make it into, what we would consider the "Hier" part of the family.

Raider - You haven't been with us too long, but you've made it past the recruitment trial period and have finally joined our ranks among the rest of your raiders. You've dedicated time to take out of your real life in order to raid with us as we make our way to the top. It is because of those things you've been promoted to raider status. If you want to join your fellow core raiders you must prove your worth, you must show us what you can bring to the table. Above all else, you must show your skills and why you should be chosen over the other raiders in your class. Few will last, even fewer will survive the core progression cuts. 

Recruit - Welcome to Aptitude, you've decided to put in an application with us. It's a pleasure to have you, there is a 2-4 week trial period for any new comer, and loot will be given sparingly as to ensure your loyalty and dedication to the guild. Should you prove yourself and hold yourself in a high manner, come prepared to raids, be on time, have outstanding attendance for a new recruit, I have no doubt you will rise through the ranks within this guild.  

Guild  Member - Family, friends, and all those alike, I'd like to welcome you and help you enjoi your stay, I want to ensure you that you are welcome, even though this is a Progression Guild. I hope that one day, you too will rise through our ranks.  

[Aptitude's Vessel] 

There will always be eyes on you, whether it's your GM, your Advisers, or your Officers. We will always be paying close attention in order to improve our raid synergy, help ourselves prosper and to enjoy ourselves at the same time. You should all know the definition of Aptitude by now, if you've been here long enough. We recruit those that shine, those that have passion, vigor, and those that have a natural ability to raid. 

{Just Keep Sailing} - How can you tell a sailing player from the next one that's drowning? Is it that will to keep going after several failed attempts with no progress? I'd say it's the person that’s always doing nothing but helping the next raider out. That person that will help you craft any piece of gear no matter the cost. The person that has input on every single raid attempt, even if its just "The Small Things.." When all else has failed they find a way to give "A Clear Perspective" on things. They offer and pass on gear like no other normal raider would even if they know it's an upgrade. They know their classes inside and out. They play well, NO, they play extraordinarily well. They influence the next raider, even if it only helps the slightest. It is because of YOU, Aptitude, that we are continuing to keep our "vessel sailing" our goals set high, as well as our expectations. No one person deserves all the credit. Credit goes to every single one of you. We are shining stars. We are exceptional players. Continue what you all are doing, we're on the right path. We will always prosper. We will keep our vessel sailing on the ocean of success.

{Hardly Staying Afloat} - We are friendly, we are nice, we have respect and dignity. We take pride in what we do, we're all here to experience the hardest of content that is offered and to have a good time first and foremost while doing it. There is no possible way that we can do the hardest difficulty with mistakes that can be minimized, or hardly made at all. Be careful which "puddles" you step or stand in, some are deeper than others. Everyone in the raid group pays monthly to play this game, Your GM also takes the time to pay for the Ventrilo used during raids, or leisure time. So do your best to keep your mistakes as minuscule as possible or at least, the avoidable ones. Those that aren't pulling viable numbers or minimizing simple raid mechanics that can be avoided, will be kept closer eye on than others. They may have to take a seat on the bench until improvement is shown.

{Slowly You Drowned} - We have many players that are friends of core raiders, officers, advisers and those alike. We are on our way to becoming a Hardcore Progression Guild and of course we will always have room for family and friends. Nonetheless though we do not have room for dead weights. Whether you are apart of our Mythic or Heroic Progression group matters not. No one wants to carry and hold someone else's hand through every fight. We are not looking for those kinds of players. Furthermore, Failure to meet raid expectations; To improve during content progression encounters; Lack of advancement within content progression; Inability to recognize personal mistakes or ways to improve them. As well as any lack of awareness, will result in a removal from the raid roster, and in severe or extreme cases removal from Aptitude's Guild all together. 

[Aptitudes Aspect] 

Now I know that was a long and joyous read, to some maybe not, but I believe a new manual or code of ethics needed to be written. Some excerpts were taken, very little I must add though. I've made this code of ethics a bit more clear and longer for everyone to understand better what's going on here and in the near future. A code of ethics that I hope you all can agree on and follow. I have faith in Aptitude and every single person within it so far. I have faith that we all can prosper. A lot of you have all shown your dedication to Aptitude, and I hope that you feel you've been rewarded in a proper and correct manner, so to speak. This legacy we're building can only go further. We've got a good thing going, and I can't wait to see how much further we can sail. I enjoi the company you all bring & for that, I just wanted to thank all of you. I hope I'm the leader you expect me to be. So with that, I'd like to leave you all with an excerpt from the last "manual or code of ethics I should say." 

"Aptitude, Aggramar's love child, unlocks its doors, and welcomes you to our small revolution.  Come aid us in our quest to completely liberate ourselves from the misguided populous in order to gaze at our proud name on the main page of every ranking site on the web.  Each and every one of you is welcome to join our hierarchy, some of you will make the cut, many of you wont.  Show us what you're made of."

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